300l Samll Beer Pub Equipment

capacity: 300l 3bbl vessels: 3 vessels material: ss304 warranty: 3 years delivery: 30days
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300l samll beer pub equipment

This is a 2 tanks 3 vessels beer mashing units. The useful volume is 300l or 

3bbl. The heating methods can be electric heating or steam heating.

The right vessels are Lauter tun, whirlpool tanks; The left vessel is brew boiling tank, or you can make it as mashing tun.

The operation platform all made with 304 stainless steel, also, all the pipelines, the pumps all made with food grade steel.

The also include:

1. heat exchanger

2. yeast adding tank

3. 2 glass manhole 

The 600L - 6BBL fermentation tanks



The fermentation tanks are double layer with glycol belt covered.

The max bearing pressure is 3 bar. 

Equipped with pressure guage, sampling valve, air realease valve.


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