200l Complete Small Brewing Equipment

200l Complete Small Brewing Equipment

capacity: 200l
buyer Country: Germany
material: stainless steel
produce time: 30days installtion assist
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200l complete small brewing equipment

200L - 副本

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This set of 200l brewing system, are the newest design. There is a stand platform to 

support the  tanks, it looks more solid, and beautiful. 

There are two tanks of the brewing system, one is lauter tun for wort filtration, the other

is boiling kettle for wort boiling.  There is a steam recycle device for reuse the heat energy. 


Techinician test the system after equipment done. 

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200L complete brewing equipment---- 200L beer fermenters

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Generally, we equipped with 6 fermenters. but, you can order less or more like 4 or 8. It's all possible, it depends on your expected beer output. 

Also, the complete system inlude glycol tank, chiller, CIP, malt crusher etc. 


800L Glycol tank / Ice water tank 


200kg/h malt crusher 

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50L CIP system 

Besides, we will help you to do the installation, we generally offer you all the connection drawings and CAD wiring terminal diagram etc. 


So, pls just contact me and send me an email to get the price and information.