200L Small Beer Brewing Line

200L Small Beer Brewing Line

Keywords: 200L small beer brewing line
Warranty: 3 years
Delivery time: 35 days
Service: Installation and training
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Product Details

The 200L small beer brewing equipment


Electric kettle, Later tun useful for filtration and boiling .

200Liter capacity

Dual element, 4.5kW for heating to boiling, 0.75kW for malt pump.

Double walled construction for better heat retention

304 stainless steel construction

Digital temperature controller, PT100 temperature probe.

360 degree spary ball valve for easy cleaning and assembly. No need for siphoning

Dimensions: 2100mm high x 960mm in diameter

Equiped with:

Yeast adding tank

Heat exchanger stainless steel

Sight glass

3 legs adjustable

malt pump 0.75 kw

The 200L small brewing line---- fermentation tanks

The glycol tank 600Liter

3 legs with height adjust pad

top pressure manhole

Double layer keep warm jacket

Glycol inlet & outlet


The malt crusher


Double roll type

Low noisy

Stainless steel material

The CIP cleaning system

Stianless steel

With moveable wheel

Two 50Liter tanks for cleaing

One pump

Also, the whole line can include the control system, the filling machine, the beer kegs etc...

Pls contact me if you are interested with it.