500L Microbrewery Equipment

500L Microbrewery Equipment

material: sus304
heating: steam
service: install
delivery: 30 days
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500L microbrewery equipment



500L microbrewery saccharification system: heating method is divided into steam heating or electric heating.

500l boiling pot, gradually heating saccharification method, can be applied to the segmentation saccharification process, realize automatic saccharification function, filter waste: equipped with filter buffer tank, with washing round tube when washing the waste, improve the utilization rate of malt and reduce residual sugar It is also equipped with an automatic waste system, which is easy to operate and saves labor costs; boiling pot, steam heating, heating speed 1.3 degrees per minute, evaporation 9%; spin-up tank: obvious effect of swirling, less wort impurities, 3.6 meters / sec; 500L hot water tank, hot water recovery function, reducing beer production costs.


Brewery fermentation system: 6--12 500L and 1000L fermenters can be configured in the early stage, and the fermentation space is reserved. The number of fermenters can be increased in the later stage to increase production.


The specifications of the fermentation tanks: 

Material: stainless steel 304, automatic temperature control, automatic control of pressure, temperature and pressure can be adjusted; fermentation jacket cooling, insulation layer 80MM, mechanical exhaust device, positive and negative pressure safety device, top with hop dry mouth (optional), working pressure can withstand 0.2MPA, warranty period is 3 years


500L / 1000L BBT                                             Glycol tanks  1500L -2000L 


CIP 50L                                                              Chiller 5hp 


kegs filler& washer                                            Malt mill 


Steam generator                                        Control cabinet 

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