5bbl Copper Brewery Equipment

5bbl Copper Brewery Equipment

capacity: 5bbl
material: copper & ss
heating: steam
certifiction: CE
warranty: 3 years
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Product Details

5bbl copper brewery equipment



mash tun-filter tun

brew kettle-whirlpool tank 

hot liquir tank 


You can see, the mash tun and brew kettle is covered by the red copper, but the inner tank is still made by the stainless steel. And the hot water tank is all made by stainless steel, but if you want all the tanks covered by copper, it is workable. 


Before equipment loaded, we will connect the power to test all the part work successful.  For example, we will test all the pump, raker, heat exchanger etc. 

客户验货 - 副本

This system is made for a buyer in Tailand, the customer come and inspect the equipment before delivery, and he was very satisfied with our work. 


The brewhouse equipped with 5bbl fermentation tanks , or if you like, it can equipped with 10bbl fermenters. Another choice is  3 *5bbl + 3* 10bbl. All is workable. 

If you want to know the price and some other information, please do contact me, better send me an email.