Beer Barrel Washing Machine

Function: washing barrel
Feather: easy to operate
Control: Touch panel
Price: reasonable
Material: Stainless steel
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Product Details

Main functions and features:
The PLC automatic control the whole process, all the parameters can not stop adjustment
2. Clean the filling can be finished in a native of disposable
3. Pneumatic pipe main parts adopt rigid edge, no leakage, long life
4. Apply to draft beers barrel beer preservation barrels and
5. There is the function of CO2 pressure for
6. All adopt pneumatic double acting Angle seat valve, action is sensitive and reliable
7. There are no oxygen and isobaric filling device
8. Automatic CIP cleaning system Procedures

Filling station: bucket positioning - filling - stop - take a bucket
Clean location: pressure, exhaust the residual liquid, water cleaning, disinfection, clean water, sterile water cleaning, cleaning CO2 pressure - take a barrel




Outside size


Product capacity

60 kegs/h

Net weight


Total power


Power voltage

AC 220V 50Hz

Keg capacity