Beer Bottle Washing Machine

Size: (length × width × height) 1300 × 1080 × 700mm
Brush bottle station: 4
Motor power: 0.37KW
Material: stainless steel
Operation: manually
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Product Details

Product description:


Made of stainless steel for a wide range of bottle types. Can be connected to use, brushing a variety of bottles, easy to operate, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters:
1, high degree of automation, easy operation, stable operation, can effectively save business costs, improve production efficiency.
2, the single machine can independently complete its work, a separate operating system, as well as digital display and other electrical components to control the adjustment parameters, and display settings. Can help enterprises achieve standardized production.
3, the single machine linkage, quick separation, and adjustment fast, simple, so that each production process to ensure coordination.
4, the single machine can adapt to a variety of specifications bottles packaging, and fewer adjustments.
5, the packaging production line using international new process design, in line with GMP standards.
6, the production line runs smoothly, the combination of convenient functions, easy maintenance, according to the user's product requirements for a variety of production combinations.


100% taken in kind.All the goods are detailed size, material, signs and description of the goods, please read the instructions carefully, if you have any questions, please contact customer service staff to answer your questions.

Pre-sales service commitment:
1, according to the actual needs of customers for customers tailor-made filling machines and glands, labeling conveyor lines and other ancillary equipment
2, the company can send technicians to the scene for the customer planning design production line program

Service commitment:
1, The company free training for production technical staff
2, the company perennial provide vulnerable parts of machinery and equipment
3, to provide sound after-sales service, customer equipment in a timely manner to solve all technical problems
4, all machinery and equipment free one year warranty, life-long maintenance