Beer Canning Machine

Function: beer canning
Material: Food grade
System: rinsing /canning / capping
Type: automatic
Service: installation
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Product Details

This machine is a small beer filling equipment designed and developed by our company by introducing German technology and combining the characteristics of beer production industry. The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, perfect washing, filling, capping, disinfection and sterilization functions.

Structural characteristics:

1. Bottle-punching machine uses high-strength spring-type stainless steel bottle clamp to ensure that the glass bottle can be turned smoothly. The flushing nozzle is plum blossom-like structure, which can flush to all corners of the bottle wall and bottom to make the flushing cleaner.

2. The filling machine uses spring-type mechanical lifting device to lift glass bottles, large bearings to support wine cylinders, and guide rods to guide the structure of the center, with a covering function.

3. High-precision mechanical filling valve is adopted, and the liquid level and back pressure in cylinder are controlled by variable signal proportional regulation. Filling fast, stable, accurate, and has a one-time vacuum function.

4. Stainless steel capping plunger and mechanical stirring magnetic capping device ensure that the capping is hygienic and reliable. The hopper, capping and capping are all transferred by magnets. The capping is reliable and has the function of automatic unloading, which reduces the rate of bottle breakage.

5. Before capping, hot water bubbling device is used to replace bottleneck air to ensure that oxygen content is less than 0.15mg/L.

6. The filling machine has automatic valve closing, bottle washing and exhaust pipe d-foam device.

7. It has perfect CIP cleaning function and can wash filling pipeline with acid and alkali solution and hot water.

8. All valves, tanks and pipes in contact with materials are made of stainless steel N304. The inner and outer walls are polished to ensure that there is no sanitary dead angle.

9. Manual dry oil lubrication system is adopted to make equipment maintenance more convenient.


On the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign prototypes, the machine is designed completely. It adopts circulating hot water sterilization, circulating warm water pre-cooling, cooling water spraying and cooling three-stage treatment. It has the advantages of automatic control of germicidal temperature and stepless adjustment of sterilization time. It can be widely used in various bottled, canned acidic juice drinks, electrolyte drinks, alcoholic drinks, seasoning and other products of germicidal cooling. This machine adopts polypropylene mesh belt, the belt surface is flat, the friction coefficient is small, it can prevent the scratch on the bottom of the three-piece and easy-to-pull tank, the mesh belt meets the food hygiene requirements, and is approved by USDA, the equipment frame is made of austenitic stainless steel, and the machine frame is made of austenitic stainless steel. Beautiful appearance, clean, sanitary.

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