Beer Plate Filter

Material: Stainless steel 304
Function: beer filtration
Filtering accuracy: 0.4-0.6um
Capacity: 1T-10T
Advantage: moveable
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Product Details

The purpose of beer filtration mainly has the following three points:
(1) to remove the suspended matter in the wine to improve the appearance of beer, so that beer is clear and transparent, shiny;
(2) to remove or reduce the turbidity of the beer precipitated substances, such as polyphenols and proteins, to improve the colloidal stability of beer;
(3) remove yeast or bacteria and other microorganisms to improve the biological stability of beer.

The main factors that affect beer filtration, brewing process, yeast and bacteria, protein, polysaccharides.
Beer filtration can be divided into beer filtration clarification, non-biological stability and biological stability of treatment.


Frame filter, is a filter device. For less than 50% concentration of lower viscosity, less slag containing liquid for closed filtration to achieve purification, sterilization, clarification and other fine filtration, semi-fine filtration requirements, the direct use of microporous membrane, microporous membrane can be without Filter directly to achieve the purpose of sterile filtration.



Main specification:
Material: SUS304
Flow rate: 3t/h
Filtration pressure: ≤0.2mpa
Filtering accuracy: 0.6um
Filter Plates Size: ≤ 100mm
Layers: 10
Weight: 60-80kg