Beer Control Cabinet

Material: Anti-power
Brand: Seimens
Certification: UL CE
Warranty: 3 years
Service: oversea service
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Product Details

Cabinet Material: Anti-power Plastic painting Instrument panel
Electrical Parts: Worldwide brand CE certificated
Mashing Pump on/off
Rake or Agitator motor on/off
Temperature display and Auto/Manu heating Control for brewhouse tanks
Auto/Manu Glycol Water Pump control
Auto/Manu Chiller control
Temperature display and Auto/Manu Control for FVs
Temperature display and Control for GWT
CIP Pump and heating control


The details of the control cabinet

The PLC controller


The plc controller can be programmed. The mashing process can be automatic. The temperature is adjusted by itself. The control panel is touchable, the brand of the panel is world famous brand: Seimens.


There are 20 different heating mode, each mode have 5 temperature range, you just need to select one mode, then the temperature will settle and adjust by the programma.


Our controller have the CE SGS and UL certification, it can be import and use at all of the world.
It has 3 years warranty.