Beer Control System

Controller brand: Siemens
Certification: CE UL
Warranty: 3 years
Service: installation freely
Feathers: touchable
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Introduction of the beer control system
Beer control system is divided into two major blocks, saccharification system control, and fermentation system control. Saccharification system control can be achieved from the raw material preparation, raw material crushing, saccharification, gelatinization, wort boiling, swirling Shenqing, to the entire process of automatic cooling wort cooling conversion, automatic control of the process parameters and automatic rinsing of the entire process Control plan. In addition to the pot, tank level; steam pressure; wort, water, steam flow and other testing. The fermentation system control can realize the fermentation tank temperature, pressure control, wort oxygenation and yeast addition. The fermentation tank can be automatically switched with the tanker under the conditions and the control program of the fermentation tank and the tanker automatic rinsing and fermentation production process.
The main purpose of fermentation control is to strictly control the process curve of beer fermentation process temperature and its rate of rise and fall, prevent freezing, to ensure the quality of beer and production efficiency.

The saccharification control system can realize the automatic control during the whole process of the saccharification production process from the raw material processing to the cooling and fermentation of the wort, which completely meets the requirements of the saccharification production process index and reaches the international advanced level.


The fermentation control system can realize the automatic control in the entire process of the fermentation production process from the sheet cooling to the sake filling and the filling and CIP cleaning, reaching the international advanced level.
Control system advanced technology, the use of three-level control, the scene hard-handheld, analog screen and CRT remote control, PLC automatic control, to ensure maximum system security, reliability, high degree of automation, flexible and practical, scalable, and control High precision, with the best cost performance.