1000L micro beer brewing equipment

1000L micro beer brewing equipment

Material: 304SS
Heating method: Steam
Warranty: 3 years
Delivery time: 35 days
Service:Installation & training
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1000Litre micro beer brewing equipment

Our 1000litre micro beer brewing equipment included all the nesseccery equipment needed in the process of brewing beer. We offer the turn-key project service. The whole system include the brewhouse equipment, fermentation tanks, gycol tanks, Cleaing system, control cabinet, malt crusher etc. Also, if you need the filling washing machine, we can also offer them to you. All of our equipment got the CE etc certification. Now, let introduce onr of our 1000litre equipment for you.

The 3vessels brewhouse of the 1000litre micro beer brewing equipment

Mash tun

Lauter tun

Boiling kettle / whirlpool tank

All adopted with SUS304

The details of the brewhouse

The yeast adding tank and plate heating exchanger

The yeast adding tank with  3 legs support, the flange top manhole. The capacity is 10Liter, super clean material.

The area of the heating exchanger is 10m2, with glycol inlet outlet, city water inlet & outlet, wort inlet & outlet, the temperature can be set and controled.

The 1000Litre fermentation tank of the micro beer brewing equipment

The details of the 1000litre fermentation tank


Specification of fermentation tanks

304 stainless steel construction
The outer shell is 1.5 mm thick with a brushed finish
The inner wall is 3 mm thick with smooth ground welds and a 2B finish
Includes a glycol jacket which is dimple welded and 2mm thick
20% oversized for a nice headspace
Pressure/Vacuum relief valve
Pt100 Thermocouple interface
Sample valve
Spinning CIP cleaning head and separate piping
Rotating racking arm
Analog temperature gauge
Oversized yeast dump port
Hop port
Carb stone
Separate blow-off pipe
Side man-door

Our company --- Shunlong Machinery

Shunlong Co,LTD is professional in beer machine manufacturing, we can offer you the turnkey project also included the technology training and after sales service. we specialize in home brewing equiment, commercial brewing equipment and all kinds of beer equiment as your require.Our equiment have already gotten the CE ISO UL certification.
Our company is a professional beer equipment manufacturer. We are specialized in professional design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of various beer equipments and supporting facilities. Our products include mashing equipment, fermentation equipment, yeast spread cultivation equipment, and refrigeration equipment for small and medium-sized brewery, hotel, pub and etc.

Our Service

Pre-sale service:

1.Make the equipment details specifications to customers

2.We can supply the OEM process,according to the drawings,the samples to customized the beer equipment

3.Layout plan in CAD drawings of beer machine.

4.The competitive price and the timely delivery.

After-sale service:

1.Provide the required customs declaration files,timely tracking freight

2.The equipment main configurationgs for 3 years warranty time,such as the valves and so on.

3. Professional engineers for installation,commissioning,maintenance.

Our Certification

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