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Capacity:10bbl Material: SUS304 Project: turnkey project Control:automatic control Warranty: 3-5 years
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10bbl brewery equipment- the project for Argentina

All the pipeline adopted with food grade material

Argon in the pipelineito protect the welding, the quality is more stable

Pipe cutting is useing the pipe cutting machine, and the incision is very flat, butt joint neat.

Pipeline welding using argon welding protection, the pipe is filled with argon, and

Single - sided welding double - sided forming technology. The pipe interface is

mechanically polished. The pressure bearing capacity of the pipeline is stronger

and the service life is increased.

Tank welders work experience is more than 5 years, the testing pressure is 5bar

We use double-sided tube welding technology, Double-sided welding,Under the

cone with rotary technology R25 degrees, can withstand greater pressure. Appearance

of the edge of the fish scale pattern welding. The welding engineer has experience in welding

large tanks, and welding quality is better, Fermentation tank capacity will strengthen.

By means of physical or chemical means, With the help of modern technology and equipment,

Nature, quantity, shape, location, size, distribution and changes of the structure, nature,

condition and defect of the test specimen inside and on the surface of the specimen.

Eye can not observe the internal processing defects for quality inspection.

Tank quality is more reliable, to extend the useful life of equipment.

We have PED pressure certification and non - destructive testing, so the quality of equipment is better.

Our control system is more stable. We made the LVD certification for normal contoling and PLC control

system. Automatic mashing control can be achieved, and there are 30-50 kinds of beer recipe memory


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