10bbl Commercial Brewery Equipment

10bbl Commercial Brewery Equipment

Material:sus304 Keywords:10bbl commercial brewery Warranty: 3 years Service:oversea service Control: Semi-automatic
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These are a set of 1000Liters beer brew house, 3 vessels, they are, respectively, the mash

tun/lauter tun, boiling kettle/ whirlpool tank, the hot liquor tank. All of these tanks also the

operation platform are made with stainless steel 304, food grade, we can offer you the test

report if you doubt it. Well then, all the tanks are double layer with 3mm inner thickness and

2mm outer jacket, and between the inner and outer jacket, there is 80mm PU insulation layer.

You can check the pump under the tank, this one is the wort pump, the another is the hot liquor

pump, both of them are food grade centrifugal pump, controlled by variable frequency drives,

it means the pump speed can be adjusted.

The material are adopted with the 304 stainless steel, the tank is double jacket, the inner layer

is 3mm, the outer jacket is 2mm. the inner tank is covered by the glycol belt, the glycol liquid will

pass through the belt and chill down the fermenters, then go back to the glycol tank, it is a circulation process. The process can be controlled by the control cabinet, you need to set the temperature of

the fermenters on the control panel..

Besides, regarding to the manufacture process, the tank inside will be acidize and passivated,

it won’t change the color, thickness , performance of the material, And the anti-corrosion ability

will be stronger after passivation. And there will generate the complete passive film which is not

easy to destroy in the surface of stainless steel. So the service life will be extended, quality will

be more higher, the interior will be more smooth and the tank will not be easy to infected bacteria.

And before we delivery , the tanks will be tested the pressure for at least 48 hours, the test

pressure is 3-5bar, and the max working pressure is 2 bar.

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