200L Mini Beer Brewing Equipment

200L Mini Beer Brewing Equipment

Function: Can be used as a commercial brew Price:USD19200 Capacity:200L
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200L mini beer brewing equipment


Mash system: saccharification mechanical stirring, the whole body surface of the tank is pickled and passivated, the
mashing pot is heated by steam, the filter tank is made of milled sieve plate, the filter cultivator and the wort pump are all
started with variable frequency speed regulation, and the adjustable stirring speed and wheat are adjusted. Juice flow.



Fermentation system: The fermenter uses ice water circulation to cool down, the cooling efficiency is better, the cooling is more
stable, the top of the fermenter is equipped with positive and negative pressure safety valves to prevent the formation of
negative pressure inside the tank, and the inner surface is subjected to overall pickling passivation to form passivation
protection. membrane.



Refrigeration system: good cooling effect and high efficiency


Control system: double frequency conversion control, adopting new integrated temperature control instrument, the quality is more
reliable, and the temperature control effect is better.


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