20bbl Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

20bbl Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

Daily output:40-60bbl
Warranty: 3years
Delivery: 40 days
Service:turnkey project
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Product Details

20bbl micro beer brewing equipment

Customized tank drawing is popular, such as different height, width requirement, different manway & location, cone angle and other specific requirement.

Layout You should take everything into consideration when you start to locate the brewery. How much area should we leave for the brewery equipment? Where we should keep the water source and electric power source? How far should the equipment be between each other and between the walls? How to put every part in order? Should we consider the floor load capacity?

Technical proposal

Usually, we give sizes, specifications.



Details of the 2t beer brewing brewhouse

IMG_20180119_124122.jpg IMG_20180119_124045.jpg

Wort storage bin

Malt mill; screw feeder, grain hoppers, grist hydrator


Rake knife

height and speed can be adjusted.

20bbl fermentation tanks

Dimple jacket on the body and cone

75° resist compression design

Design pressure 0.3MPa; Working pressure 0.15Mpa

Yeast has aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration in fermentation tank. Turn sugar into CO2 and alcohol.

Finally we get original beer




Control cabinet

Control all the pump and motor. Control mashing system and CIP system manually, control fermentation tank temperature automatically.


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