2000L Beer Brewery equipment

2000L Beer Brewery equipment

Capacity: 20hl
Control: semi-automatic
Heating: steam heating
Cooling: Glycol liquid
Service: installation
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20hl beer brewery project




The mashing system is 20hl capacity with 4 vessels. They are "mashing tun\ Lauter tun\ Boiling kettle, whirlpool tank\ Hot liquid tank.  This system heating by the steam generator. 

Equiped with agitator, Lees rake knife,CIP cleaning ball, heating exchanger, 3 units malt pumps. The system equipped with a independent control panel, the pumps, motors and heating process are controlled by it. 


The pictures above showed when our engineers check the overall system, besides this, we also test the equipment before loaded. You can also come and check by yourself. 

The decorate tubes can be designed according to your place's height. 

All the pipeline and tanks materials are adopted with SUS304, food grade. 




20hl beer fermentation tanks 

Our tanks are double jacket, with glycol cooling jacket and 80-100mm temperature insulation layer. The material is stainless steel 304. The tanks equipped with spray ball, pressure gauge, breath valve, sampling valve etc. 

The other system include:

--- Steam generator

--- Glycol tank 4000L 

--- Chiller 7HP*2 

--- CIP 100L or 200L 

--- Malt crusher

--- Control cabinet etc... 


If you want the filling machine or beer kegs etc, we can also provide. 

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