2T Brewery Equipment

2T Brewery Equipment

Material:SUS304 Capacity:2000Liters Warranty:3-5years Delivery:40working days Certification: CE ISO SGS
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2T brewery equipment

The 2000Liters capacity brewhouse with malt appending machine, the month output can be 24000Liters to 50000liters.

With the malt appending device, that will be convenient to feeding the malt when mashing.




Brewhouse features:

3vessels: Mashing tun/ Lauter tun / Boiling kettle, whirpool tank

4 stainless steel step stairs with untislip floor

2 malt centrifugal pump

4 adjustable legs with level pad

All pipes adopted with food grade stainless steel pipeline.

lauter tun with rotary blades to cut and extract spent grain

IMG_20171223_074552.jpg IMG_20171223_074604.jpg

The liquid guage The steam valve

IMG_20171223_074537.jpg IMG_20171223_074644.jpg

Plate heating exchanger Glycol SS pipeline

The fermentation tanks and Beer bight tank




The welding and beer output valve

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