3000L 5 Vessels beer brewery equipment

3000L 5 Vessels beer brewery equipment

Capacity: 3000L
Material: SUS304
Warranty: 3 years
Produce time: 50-60 days
Service: installation
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Product Details


3000L 5 vessels brewery project

This system is designed for the big beer output brewery, The day output can be 15,000l-18000l. 

5 vessels design, make the whole process faster. 

--- Mash tun

--- Lauter tun 

--- Boiling kettle 

--- Whirlpool tank 

--- Hot liquid tank 




Brewhouse for beer making machine, speed adjustable mixer. Feeding speed is very fast, if need feeding  speed faster, stirring more quick, Reduce the speed could slow down feed. Feeding work can be completed within 5 minutes. 


Automatic grain-removal system 

Automatic grain removal system for brewhouse: mash could be finished in 3 minutes(such as video ). Strong power, stable system, reduce labor intensity. Grain remove time is 5-10 minutes. Grain remove manually is 30 minutes, saving time, and easily operate.

Whirlpool speed

Whirlpool founction for brewery equipment, frequency conversion, speed adjustable. The speed of whirlpool can be up to 10--15m/s, overall feeding time is 12 minutes. The whirlpool effect is very good, which can get clearer wort, and brew better beer.

The operation platform


The brewhouse details



The fermentation tanks


Side manhole or top manhole 

--- dimple cooling jacket 

--- double layer 

--- 80mm insulation layer 

--- cip cleaning ball 

--- perssure gauge 

Some important question 

How long is the produce period?

-- 50-60 days. 

Will you offer the installation service?

-- Yes, we can send the engineer to your place. 

Will you handle the shipping issues for us? 

Yes, it is available . 

Just contact me  and tell me your basic needs. 

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