300L 3 Vessel Beer Brewing Equipment

300L 3 Vessel Beer Brewing Equipment

Capacity:300L Price:USD23375 Material: Stainless steel
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Product Details

300L 3 vessel beer brewing equipment


Product Application

 The whole set of  equipment is made of austenitic stainless steel. according to the beer production and the beer brewing art,  you can get the full solution of the brewing project from the technique consulting service, configuration, designing, layout plan, equipment drawing. 500l pub beer equipment is wilderly applied in the beer pub, small brewery , restaurant etc.

Shunlong engineers are rich in experience  on equipment designing, installation.  

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Main Features

 Malt Milling Unit

1.    Particle adjustable rolling crusher

2.    Flexible or steel auger for optional

Brewhouse Unit

1.    Mash tun, Lauter tun, Boiling Kettle, Whirlpool tun in various combination

2.    Hot water tank and cold water tank for optional in special combinations

3.    Infusion or decoction brewing methods are designed exactly

4.    Stainless steel or copper cladding are popular

5.    Two stages or single stage heat exchanger for wort cooling

6.    Completely stainless steel integrated work platform

7.    Sanitary and efficiency wort pump

8.    All pipings and fittings

Fermentation Unit

1.   Standard stainless steel conical cylindrical fermentation tanks

2.    Single size as brewhouse is common used in restaurant

3.    Tanks quantity is exactly calculated by fermentation cycle for various beers

4.    All manhole, valves, pressure gauges, fittings etc are included

Beer Filter Unit

1.   In restaurant or bar, beers are always served as craft beer without filtration

Bright Tank Unit

2.   Standard stainless steel bright tanks for beer maturation, conditioning, service, carbonation

3.   Single size as fermenter is common used in restaurant or bar

4.   Tanks quantity is exactly calculated for various beers and the function

Sampling valveStainless steel 304 aseptic sampling valve, connection method: quick loading6
Water seal exhaust valve Exhaust valveMechanical exhaust valve: 304 stainless steel water seal exhaust valve, accuracy 0.2--2.2BAR,6
Pressure gauge0-0.6Mpa, shockproof pressure gauge6
Ice water solenoid valveIce water solenoid valve: Ф 25, electric power: 24V, with the temperature probe, automatically open.6
outlet valve Drain valveWine outlet valve: stainless steel 304, size: φ32, connection: fast loading Drain valve: stainless steel 304, size: φ38,
     connection: fast loading
Cleaning ballCIP cleaning special, stainless steel 304, 360 degree all-round cleaning, size: φ32, connection: wire connection6
Positive and negative safety valve-0.01---2BAR, 1BAR=0.1MPA When the fermenter cools down, a negative pressure is formed, and the valve is automatically opened to
     protect the tank. When the exhaust valve is not working, the pressure reaches 0.2MPA, and the exhaust valve opens to reduce the
     tank pressure. It acts to protect the tank.



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