300l Beer Brewing Equipment

300l Beer Brewing Equipment

Material: sus304
Warranty: 3 years
Delivery: 30 days
Company: manufacturer
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Product Details

300l beer brewing equipment

Production description:

  1. One batch output:300Liter

  2. Heating method: Electric heating

  3. Cleaning: spray ball connected with CIP equipment

  4. Temperature control: control panel display

  5. Brewhouse: 3 vessels

  6. Mash tun,boiling kettle/ Lauter tun/ Whirlpool tank

Plate heat exchanger capacity: 3 m3

Yeast adding tank volume: 5Liters

Material: stainless steel 304

300L top configuration fermenters

stainless steel 304

2 L pipeline one for cleaning

one for Co2 inflation

side manway

Inspection light on the top of the tank

300L beer brewing equipment---fermenters details

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