500l Beer Brewery Equipment

500l Beer Brewery Equipment

Heating: steanm
Cooling:dimple jacket
Pressure: tested
Shipping:40 days
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500l beer brewery equipment

3 vessels mashing system

Heating method: steam heating

Mashing tun with mixer

Lauter tun with rake knife

Boiling kettle covered with steam heating jacket

There is a plate heating exchanger to cooling down the hot wort

3 vessels.jpg


Side hatch with chute to unload spent grain

The liquid level gauge


Top glass manhole Sight glass


Raker knife and CIP spray ball

500l 1000l brewery fermentation tanks

500L -2.jpg

side shadowless manhole sterility sample valve


Chiller for cooling down the ice water tank and fermentation tanks

The ice water tank also you can call it glycol tank

The control cabinet to control the temperature of fermenters

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