Overall investment of less than 25000 dollars small venture projects small commercial brewery equipment

Output : 7500L per month, 15000L in the following scaling up. price:USD25000-30000 Small entrepreneurship projects 500L brewery equipment
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 500l micro commercial beer brewing equipment suitable for restaurants pubs and mini beer plant hot products on discount. 

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Brief Introduction to the Overall Parameters of Small Breweries

Output : 7500L per month, 15000L in the following scaling up.

Capacity of mash system: 6h per batch with 500L outputs,8h per batch with 1000L outputs.

Price:USD25000-30000 on sale

Heating way: electric heating.

Total power:28KW

Water consumped: 1m3 per batch.

Operator number:1 person

Floor area: 25 sq meter.

Profire of Mash system in brewery equipment

Suitable for: restaurants pubs homebrewing, and micro brewery

Strong capacity:two vessels mash system: heated with eletricity with 28kw,Steam heating,Shortening mashing time

 6h per batch mash system produces 500L per day.

Professional System Design:This mash equipment is equipped with heating system, automatic degrading system, heat recovery system, filtration system, indoor exhaust system, etc. Simple operation, 3 years of main quality guarantee.

Fast heating system:The effective volume of mash system is 500 L and the total volume is 750 L. It can produce wort of different concentration. Make different kinds of beer. The heating speed is fast, averaging 1.3 C per minute.

More Reasonable Investment Quotation Scheme:It can realize stepwise heating and saccharification method, get better wort and produce better refined beer with better taste. Suitable for pre-investment of small breweries or places such as wine restaurants

500lmicro brewery

500l brewery equipment

Mash system accessories detail display: more fine workmanship, more stable quality, the main equipment quality guarantee for 3 years


Profire of beer fermentation

Total volume:625L

Effective volume:500L

it produces different kinds of beer, IPA,ale stout,etc.6 months warranty in the ferementer for beer Can produce 4-5 different types of beer

with glycol cooling jacket fermenting temperature an be under control. each tanks is controlled independently.

 It can produce beers fermented in 9--12℃ and 18--23℃.

Powerful refrigeration system: temperature can be automatically adjusted, fermentation temperature can be arbitrarily set. The lowest temperature can be reduced to 0 C.

Safety factor is higher: fermenter adopts double safety system control,

Mechanical exhaust valve: normal working set pressure. The top is equipped with positive and negative pressure breathing valve to protect the positive and negative pressure.

Hop drier: The top is equipped with a hop drier, which can be dried at atmospheric pressure and dried at fermentation tank with pressure.

Carbonization device: equipped with movable carbon dioxide carburization device. When the content of carbon dioxide in beer is insufficient, beer can be filled with carbon dioxide gas to increase the content of beer.

Enlarging productivity: The fermentation area can reserve space, increase the number of fermentation tanks, and use larger volume of fermentation to expand productivity more easily.

CIP system: Fermentation tank is equipped with a comprehensive cleaning device, which can fully clean the fermentation tank and is not easy to infect bacteria. Beer quality is more stable。



The whole equipment is also equipped with 1000L refrigeration system, electric heating system (or boiling boiler heating), control system, crushing system, CIP cleaning system and a whole set of equipment. We can provide a full range of clothing, free production site layout.

Beer bottle filler


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Customers visiting factories on the spot

craf beer equipment500l beer equipment

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