500Lmicro Beerbrewery Equipment Simple Brewing Equipment On Discount

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500Lmicro beerbrewery equipment simple brewing equipment on discount

output: 7500L per month, 15000L in the following scaling up.

capacity of mash system: 4.5h per batch with 500L outputs.

price:15500USD on sale

1 manul operation required.

heating way: electric heating.

water consumped: 1m3 per batch.

500l microbrewery


micro brewery

500l micro brewery

beer fermenters: 

it produces different kinds of beer, ale stout. with glycol cooling jacket fermenting temperature an be under control. it can produce beers fermented in 9--12℃ and 18--23℃. each tanks is controlled independently

2-3 flavors provided.

6 months warranty in the ferementer for beer .

500l brewery equipment

500l beerbrewing

brewing kinds of beer 

craft beer


required floor area: 15 sq meter.

suitable for: restaurants pubs homebrewing, and micro brewing plant

two vessels mash system: heated with eletricity with 18kw, it shortens  wort making time.

with useful capacity of 250L, 4.5 h per batch mash system produces 500L per day.


500l beer equipment12

Clients all over the world

500l beer equipment

craf beer equipment

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