Beer Brewing Machine

Power: 10-15kw
Heating: electric
Advantage: east-to-operation
Delivery: 30days
Material: food grade
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Product Details

Beer brewing machine, as an automated beer brewing machine grants an easy, user-friendly interface. You can brew the craft beers of your liking without difficulty - either with creating your own recipe or choosing one from its vast database, only by pressing a few buttons.
Here I want show you our most popular home beer brewing machine


The whole system almost including every necessary parts of a whole beer brewing system.
One mashing tun with, two fermentation tanks, the control buttons, the plate heating exchanger, and the cold water tank under the mash tun. All the items above can be movable.

The material is Stainless steel, but, if you want the red copper, we also have it.


Operating the Brewie makes all previous brewing machine obsolete. Its inner cleaning programs helps you tidying up your home brewery without effort, and complies to the high hygienic standards of producing your own consumables.



The portable lauter tun

The control buttons

The fermentation tank welding

The overall fermentation tank----beer brewing machine

The whole system manufacture time is 15working days.
The packing are adopted the wooden case and iron frame

The drawings of the home beer brewing machine

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