5000L Large Beer Brewing Line

Useable: Large brewery
Warranty: 5 years
Turnkey project with Oversea service
Certification: CE PED LVD
Whole system installation
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5000L Large Beer Brewing Line

We have supplied beer brewing line to some of the largest beer makers in the world, and we also work with small, craft brewers, that tend to have very custom beer equipment needs. We have so many rich experience of large beer brewing line, so, we can offer you the turnkey project.
The large beer brewing line has four vessels mash system. The per brewing batch will take 4 hours, it means, you can make 1-6 batch per day.
I will introduce the overall information of the large beer brewing line.




Inner visuals of the filter tank

IMG_2840 - 副本IMG_2844_看图王

The fermentation tanks 

3000l 发酵


Our flow to cooperate with you
a. Offer you a quotation according to your require
b. Modify it again and again until it's good for you
c. Provide you with the CAD drawings and layout drawings.

QQ图片20170414142154 - 副本

d. Settle down the project and manufacture the equipment


e. Finish the manufacture


f. Test the pressure of the tanks


g. Packing and delivery


h. Our people go to your place to install and teaching


So. we offer the turnkey project service, we have 11 years experience. so you can have faith with us. we can customize the equipment as your situation.

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