Micro Beer Brewing System

Function: brewing craft beer
Capacity: 300L-2000L
Heating method: steam/fire/electric
Brewhouse: 2-3 vessel
Fermentation tank: all jacketed
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Product Details

We produce original Micro beer brewing system. We can deliver new brewery system to any location in the world, install and connect it to your pub. We'll teach you to brew Craft beer according to traditional recipes of Czech brewers. After a few months you can offer your own special beer to customers.

Introduction of micro beer brewing system

Brewhouse system

Mash/Lauter tun

Kettle/Whirlpool tank

Hot liquor tank

Operating Platform

Plate heat exchanger

Yeast Adding Tank

Fermenting system

Fermentation tank

Bright beer tank

Icewater tank

Chiller unit


The accessories of the fermenting system



Our service
Production and assembling
Engineering and designing
Supervision for installation
Brewmasters coaching
Supply of raw materials



The shipping and packing


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