Micro Beer Making Machine

Micro Beer Making Machine

Name: micro beer making machine
Brewhouse:2 tanks 3 vessels
Fermenters: two jacket
Controller: Seimens
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Micro beer making machine

Shunlong machinery is the one of the most famouse beer equipment manufactures in Shandong province China.

You are warmly welcomed to visit our factory. Even you can stay here to inspect the manufacture process.

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Shunlong micro brewery equipment are two-tank three-vessels brewhouse systems composed of a single completely connected parts and they are ready to be used after the connection to the power and water supply

Adopted with 304 stainless steel

combined kettle / whirlpool tank with two-blade agitator incorporated at the bottom

lauter tun with rotary blades to cut and extract spent grain

option to choose between steam or electric (hot water or oil) heating

double-jacket thermal insulation

cooling glycol system

side hatch with chute to unload spent grain)

Food grade stainless steel fluid distribution piping and valves

Water and wort transfer pump

flowmeter to check the filtration speed and wort clarity

adjustable mixing speeds

intuitive and user friendly control panel with automatic temperature control and agitator control

stainless steel extractable filtration mesh to ease cleaning

agitator blade lifting device

380 V electrical supply

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