1000liter Beer Mashing Tank

1000liter Beer Mashing Tank

The application: craft beer brewing The material: SS304 The service: install& training The warraty:3-5 years Control type: auto-matic
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1000 Liter beer mashing tanks

This set of beer masing systems, 3 seperated vessels, they are respectively : the mash tun/ lauter tun; the

boiling kettle/ whirlpool tank; the hot liquor tank.



The centrifugal pump

3t/h capacity

SUS304 material

controlled by variable speed drive.

IMG_20180119_124204.jpg IMG_20180621_101129.jpg

Yeast adding tank& plate heat exchanger Drain out door &pipeline

IMG_20180621_100951.jpg IMG_20180119_124118.jpg

The malt storage bin& malt conveyor

Volume: 150-200L

Material: SS304

With this device, you can save the manpower to bear the malt adding into the mashing tank.

It would be conveinent and saving the whole brewing time

IMG_20180119_124149.jpg IMG_20180119_124144.jpg

The top manway beer fermentation tanks


The pressure gauge & water seal exhaust valve The welding of the legs

IMG_20180119_124813.jpg IMG_20180119_124910.jpg

The control cabinet testing before delivery

every fermentation tanks are controlled seperately

the control cabinet got the CE certification



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