2 Vessel Brewhouse

Brewhouse: M/L; B/W
Manhole: Visible glass
Heating exchanger: SUS304
Fittings: all necessary included
Warranty: 3 years
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Product Details

2 vessel brewhouses are custom-built to suitable each brewer's individual needs. Our workers works with you on everything from defining your best brewery layout, to designing the setup and customize the size of your brewhouse and tanks. Custom-pipeline? Of course, there's a design solution for that. One of the most important thing is each of the brewhouse is built with Stainless Steel 304 and uses ABB motors, so they are as durable and hard-working as you can think. Further, every brewhouse goes through a comprehensive quality control inspection before delivery. And the most matter things is we offer installation service, and 5 years warranty.

200L 2 Vessel brewhouse
Lauter tun / Boiling kettle

400L 2 Vessel brewhouse
Lauter tun/ Boiling Kettle


500L 2 vessel brewhouse
Mash tun; Boiling kettle/ Lauter tun; Whirlpool Tank

500l 750px.jpg

1000L 2 vessels brewhouse
Mash Lauter/ Boiling Whirlpool

The details of the brewhouse
All the material of the tank is SUS 304, and the motor is famous brand ABB, all the fittings are best quallity, and food grade material.

The brewhouse system also including:
The operation platform
The heating exchanger
The yeast adding tank

Q: The delivery time:
A: 35-40 working days,
Q: The service
A: Engineer oversea service.
Q: The warranty period
A: 5years
Q: The certification

Our certification

We are the reliable assurance supplier in China