Beer Brewing Kettle

Material: stainless steel / copper
Control type: Automatic
Dimension: Depends
Weight: 100KG-300KG
Certification: CE LVD UL PED SGS
Warranty: 3 years
Heating method: Electric / Steam
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Product Details

Take the 200L beer brewing kettle for example
The 200l beer brewing kettle is widely used at small beer bar, hotel etc, this kind of small brewing equipment are usually adopted the electric heating way. The jackets are provided at tank body and conical bottom to effectively increase the cooling speed. The whole brewhouse include brew kettle lauter tun, heat exchanger, yeast adding tank, operation platform etc.


The accessories of the beer brewing kettle


Centrifugal pump

Pressure manhole

Food grade valve

The brewing kettle with fermentation tank

The fermentation tank
1. Top stainless steel 304 manhole
2. L pipe without dead corner
3. Three legs with adjustable pad
4. Inner thickness: 3mm
5. Bottom angle 60 degree.

The pack and delivery


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