Beer Brewing Kit

Function: home beer brewing
Cpacity: 50L 100L
Heating: electric
Feather: moveable
Fermenters qty: 2/3/4
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You've proven yourself as a brewing master. It's time to step up your game and start you own beer brewing career. We will as your guider. We can provide you brewing kit, machine, and the brewing method if you need.
Get out of the kitchen and don't just make better beer, make more of it. Improve quality and efficiency and start making the most of your brew day.


Our 50L or 100L beer brewing kit machine


The beer brewing kit we got is like the picture above, it's the all-in-one automatic type. The electric heating method. It got a platform with a few wheels, so it is easy to move. And the occupied area is about 3-5 meter square, You can put it at any place in the house.
We not only have the two fermenter type, we can also make three fermenters, four fermenters etc. It depends on your decision.


The beer brewing kit of red copper material are very popular of the world. The capacity is mostly the 50L or 100L.
It includes
1. The mash tun, lauter tun.
2. The fermentation tanks
3. The ice water tank
4. The control panel
5. The Heating exchanger
6. The chiller unit

The lauter tun in the mash tun can be move out. It got two handles, you just need to lift it out after the lautering.


The packing
Wooden box. PE film.


The delivery time
30 days total.

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