Beer Pub Brewing Equipment

Beer Pub Brewing Equipment

Material:SUS3O4/copper Application: beer pub Capacity:3hl-10hl Warranty: 3 years Delivery: 30days
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What are the factors to consider when investing in a beer brewing facility in a pub?

1, the consumption of beer

Before choosing a set of beer equipment, we must first calculate the consumption of beer in our own store. Seasonal consumption of beer requires a certain concept of daily consumption and monthly consumption.


2, site conditions

There are quite a few examples of restrictions on site conditions (water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation, magnetic fields, etc.). It is recommended to provide the site drawings and the surrounding environment to the equipment supplier. If conditions permit, the other party's personnel must first visit the site to investigate and provide suitable solutions according to the site conditions.

We will make the site drawings according to your site conditions

3.The brewing batch

The brewing batch also determines the configuration of the equipment, because the capacity of the saccharification system and the fermentation system can be multiplied, for example, if brewing one batch per day, the saccharification and the fermenting capacity are the same, if brewing twice per day, the fermentation twice big than the saccharification; but not More than three times, according to the ordinary process, the saccharification time is generally 8-10 hours, 3 batches can be brewed overnight, and generally brewed 1-2 batches. In order to reduce the initial investment risk and save costs, it is a good method to choose multiple batches of brewing.





Commonly used equipment for bar hotels, especially saccharification equipment, can choose copper outsourcing or stainless steel outsourcing, combining their own decorating plans and in-store styles, choosing the right one for themselves. In store decoration, equipment style uniform

The decorating style of the beer pub

we have cooperated hundreds pub equipment in the past years.So, we have rich experience in beer pub brewing project.

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