Brewing Beer Equipment

Brewing Beer Equipment

capacity: 10bbl
heating:steam genarator
control cabinet:UL certification
warranty: 3 years
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Product Details

Our services begin with the design and planning stage of your brewhouse . These services include Autocad design layouts, recommendations for tank sizes, filtration equipment, bottling and labeling equipment, recipe formulation (for breweries) and finally the development of cleaning regimes.

At Shunlong we want to ensure a flawless start to the use of your new equipment. This is why we have decided that for all Shunlong brewhouse installations, we will be there by your side to see you through your first brew.

10 bbl beer brewing machine with conical fermenters

10BBL beer brewing machine(3 vessle brewhouse)

10 BBL beer brewing machine (3 vessle brewhouse)


Shunlong tanks are considered by many the best tanks available on the market today. Attention to every detail including polished, ground smooth and passivated welds, dimpled preformed jackets (with excellent cooling properties) and great looks make us stand above the rest. With over 10 years of experience fabricating tanks and several thousand tanks sold, Shunlong has become the industry leader in tank fabrication.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled. The welds on the exterior and interior of all our tanks are TIG and every part is 100% stainless steel. Here at Shunlong we choose never to use mild steel bases in order to eliminate concerns of cross contamination.

We take pride in finishing every weld off with a hand polished bright finish which accentuates the craftsmanship of our tanks

Our advantages

Pre-sale service:
1.Make the equipment details specifications to customers
2.We can supply the OEM process,according to the drawings,the samples to customized the beer equipment
3.Layout plan in CAD drawings of beer machine.
4.The competitive price and the timely delivery.

After-sale service:
1.Provide the required customs declaration files,timely tracking freight 
2.The equipment main configurationgs for 3 years warranty time,such as the valves and so on.
3. Professional engineers for installation,commissioning,maintenance.
4. Directed by executable remote installation(with no experience in beer,equipment installation experience,can also perform operations,please make this clear before custom equipment,we have successful cases)


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