Two steps 

1. Find a place under certain requirements.
2. Select whole set of nice breweing equipmeent with sound service.
Step 1.
Requirement for setting up a 1000L micro beer brewery plant 
Plant floor space 
100sq meter at least, 150sq meter for scaling up
Requirement for the highness of the plant
H>3meter, grain case>3.5 meter
Brewing water
Drinking water standard
waste discharge 
30cm wide, 20cm deep
men required
1-2 manul operation
hydraulic pressure
32diameter, 2bar
12 tons per month
Let's design your workshop!
Under certain requirements, this time we become more clear about how to build up our nano brewing factory! Let's do it buddy! 
Any questions please consult us!
Step 2.

Select a decent seller with nice brewing equipment and sound service.

As you know, the quality of equipment is above all and pre and after sale service are also important, especially in oversea purchase. So this time I will tell you what is nice for brewing equipment and what the nice equipment is.
Product Description


Brewhouse system: this unit includes three main parts, mash/ lauter tun boiling/whirlpool tank and hot water tank.
Output: It can continue to work,with first batch consuming 6 hours the following batches 2-2.5 hours, 1000L per batch.

spray cleaning ball.

it can achieve  wort filtration whist washing the wort, saving 30 minutes per batch at least. Thus cost efficiency is achieved.

buffer tank

it controls wort's flow rate, improving wort's quality.

Title goes here.

with higher heating ratio 1.2℃/min, it lowers producing time.
brewhouse system
Mash/Lauter tun
Useful capacity:1000L
Outline size: Φ1460*2400

Boiling/Whirlpool tank
Useful capacity:1000L
Outline size: Φ1460*2400
Hot water tank
Useful capacity:1000L
Outline size: Φ1460*2400
Operating Platform
Customized or Cooling area10sq meter
Spray cleaning ball
360 degree spraying cleaning
Yeast Adding Tank
capacity: 10L.
Operating Platform
Unti-slippery metal floor

Fermentation system

This type of equipment requires six fermenters. and with single tank single control degisn our fermenter equipped with cooling jacket, so  it cools down better.

inner polishing

by passivation and 0.4um process, it is easy to clean the tank.

Water seal exhaust valve

easy to observe and protect the tank from being squezzed out of shape when in possitive or negtive pressure.
Fermentation system 
Fermentation tanks
Useful capacity:1000L Size: 1260*2400
Sampling valve
Stainless steel 304 aseptic sampling valve, connection method: quick loading
Pressure gauge
0-0.6Mpa, shockproof pressure gauge
Cleaning ball
360 degree all-round cleaning, size: 32, connection: wire connection
Positive and negative safety valve
0.01---2BAR, 1BAR=0.1MPA
Ice water solenoid valve
size: 25, electric power: 24V, with the temperature probe, automatically open.
outlet valve
size: 38, connection: fast loading

CIP system

it includes three parts caustic Tank sterilization Tank and cleaning Pump  

Control system.

This part can be customized(PLC panel or the ordinary one)
Detailed Images
Checking before shipment 
Our engineers willl check every part of our equipment to ensure the best user's experience possible.
Details of brewhouse system
With 100% TIG welding, it looks better and functions well.
Packing & Delivery
Packing: Wooden box, Iron frame, PE paper, product safety is our deepest concern, and promise the best user experience possible.
Our service
Apparenly, though quality is impotant, service is a key element.

Pre- service 

We can offer the 3d layout  drawing acoording to your workshop

After-sale service 

1. We promise five year warranty toward main bodies and send components wothout charge.
2. We provide overseas installation if needed.
3. We offer the scaling up plan.
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Our Company

Jinan Shunlong Machinery Co,. Ltd. has been dealing with craft beer equipment for 12 years. With researching , producing and marketing , it can provide train services. and its friends are across the world.
International cooperation
Through these years, We makes friends and business allies all over the world.

Come and contact us 

with all those nice equipments and decent sevice, your 1000L brewery plant Is at your hands !