1000l Craft Beer Brewing Machine

1000l Craft Beer Brewing Machine

Capacity: 10hl
Heating: steam
Control: semi-auto
Warranty: 3 years
Delivery time: 35-40 days
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1000l craft beer brewing machine

This is a set of 1000L brewery saccharification equipment. The average brewing time of one batch is 4 hours, the overall system is stable. This set of equipment is divided into: saccharification pot/ boiling kettle, filter tank/whirlpool tank, hot water tank etc. 


This system heated by steam, the fuel is natural gas. 

The control cabinet can be useful to control the motor, pump etc. 

Equipped with CIP cleaning ball, and visual glass. 


The platform is made by stainless steel 304 also.  All the material is food grade.



The engineers will check and test the equipment after finish. 

As to the after sales service, we can offer the at site service, which means our engineer can  go to your place to install the equipment and test it and brew a batch of beer.

But, surely we will charge for the service.


The 1000l craft beer machine  fermentation tanks.

Top manhole, 60 degree bottom cone, 4 legs support.

cooling jacket, 2mm out jacket, 3mm inner jacket. 



Also, if you need BBT, please leave a message and tell me. Because generally, we just provide you with Fermentation tanks. 

The glycol tanks of 2000-3000L  The size like diameter and height can be designed based

on your brewery room size. 

IMG_20180904_112943 - 副本

The CIP is a moveable little car, with a pump. one of a tank has a electric heating tube.

QQ图片20190218135456 - 副本

The other system also include  the malt crusher and steam generator etc..

               Malt crusher                                                                             steam generator


The 1000L brewery equipment is used for a small brewery, so the filling system better equipped with small manual filling machine. Otherwise the automatic filling line is too expensive. what we can offer is like the picture below. 

                   Keg filler  & Keg washer                                                  Bottle filling machine

灌桶机,洗桶机IMG_20180621_074514 - 副本

If you want more information, please leave a message to me, tell me your basic needs.

It would be better if you  can tell me what kind of brewhouse you want, and how many fermenters you would take.  Thank you! 

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