15bbl Brewery Equipment

15bbl Brewery Equipment

Capacity:15 bbl
Control: semi-automatic
Heating: Steam
Cleaning: CIP
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Product Details

15bbl brewery equipment production description

Mashing system display

The capacity: 15bbl

The material: sanitory grade

The heating method:steam heating

The cleaning method: CIP

Temperature control: control panel

Legs: 4 legs with height adjust pad

Manhole: glass material

4. - 副本

4 Vessels mashing system

Mash tun

Lauter tun

Brew kettle/whirlpool tank

Hot liquid tank

Plate heat exchanger and yeast adding tank

with oxygenate device

heat exchanger.jpg

The view inner the mash tun


The view inner the lauter tun

Grain washer.png

The view inner the brew kettle and whirlpool tank

The rake knife speed and height can be changed, also the mix knife. Except the cleaning

ball in the lauter tun, there is also a grain washing ring, milled filter plate thickness is 3mm.

The fermentation tanks of the 15 bbl brewery equipment

The details of the fermentation tanks

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