Bar Beer Brewing Equipment

Shunlong bar beer brewing equipment advantages:
1) CE UL Certificate
2) Turn-key project
3) 5 years guarantee
4) 6 years'experience.
5) Low price
6) high quality
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Product Details

Do you want run your own beer bar, do you want brewing your own beer? Choose us, we can help you to start your own business empire.


We have 6 years'experience in this area, our equipment have been good operating in all over the world.

Most of the bar beer brewing equipment are adopted with the red copper material with some other decoration.



Brewhouse system

Malt miller

Mash tun&Brew kettle

Lautering&whirlpool tank

Plate heat exchanger


Fermentation system

Fermentation tank

Yeast adding tank

Wort oxygenator

Cooling system


Glycol water tank

Pump for cool water tank

CIP Cleaning system

Alkali tank

Sterilization tank


Control system

Semi-automatic control cabinet

Our service also including the all the Drawings and layout etc.
And we can make the 3D Layout according to your workshop.

The related products we can provide
---Beer kegs


---beer dispenser


---Some other related products


The delivery time
30-40 days total after you pay the balance money.

The packing is Wooden box and Iron frame

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