Commercial Beer Brewery

Using site: Pub, hotel, restaurant
Function: Brewing craft beer
Service: Turnkey service
Power: >10kw
Material: sanitary
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Commercial brewing generally choose 200l 300l 500l 600l 800l 1000l small and medium sized equipment, different models for you to create different benefits, we pursue in the market is high-tech, high quality, high reputation, all-round after-sales service, integrity in the Every loyal customer!
In order to cater to the diverse selection of commercial brewing equipment on the market, we provide customized services for brewing equipment. According to your specific requirements can be customized services and provide 3D drawings. Make your choice of equipment more scientific and rational.

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In addition, we can also provide a variety of wine recipe, and provide training services, so you save time, worry, effort.

Our company launched a beautiful and practical new design:
Visual saccharification
Saccharification equipment with pressure glass manhole design, with spotlights auxiliary functions.
With this design, you can reduce the degree of oxidation of beer, beer oxidation lighter taste. Help to improve the quality of mature beer.
Saccharification design We use pressure glass manhole, saccharification process without opening the manhole conditions, turn on the spotlight, we can better observe the whole process of malt saccharification through the glass manhole. In the wort boiling process, we can intuitively see the wort boiling strength, wort is less susceptible to oxidation, get better quality wort.


Hole-shaped non-slip design
Beer brewing process, the platform will have residual water. Wear rubber shoes, feet slippery. Our company through practice, the use of a new hole-shaped non-slip design, greatly enhanced the anti-skid function, platform operation more secure. No need to worry about platform skidding with the new non-skid design.


Spent grain sparging design
The lauter tank of Saccharification equipment use spent grain sparging design, the traditional process when the filter is completed, add a certain amount of hot water to wash the bad, the middle need to open the plow, stationary 20 minutes, reflux and other modes of operation. New design form without Opening the plow knife, rest for 20 minutes, back flow. Compared with the traditional design methods are as follows:
The entire filtration process saves about one third of the time, at least 40 minutes or more, greatly saving operating time and labor costs.
At the same time, our utilization of malt higher, residual sugar lower, because we use the the liquid wash bad. Reduce the cost of beer materials.
Filtration time is reduced, the overall oxidation time is shortened, and we also get wort of higher quality, reducing the oxidation time of the wort. Improve the quality of finished beer.


The design service


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