Craft 500L Factory Beer Brewing Equipment

Craft 500L Factory Beer Brewing Equipment

Capacity:500L Price:USD1860 Material: stainless steel
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craft 500L factory beer brewing equipment


SUS304 stainless steel plate Single tank single control, electromagnetic water valve, stainless steel exhaust valve, cooling jacket Gross capacity:625L Useful capacity:500L Outline size: φ960*2200 mm. Inner:SS304.TH=3.0mm    Outer:SS304.TH=2.0mm Heat exchange area:2m² Internal surface overall pickling passivationOutsourcing 2mm oil mill drawing board, welding sanding belt; with sampling valve, the top of the fermenter with 360° all-round cleaning ball; valve, accessory matching; manhole side the fermenter. 3 legs support, and the bottom has a connecting brace. The bottom is equipped with adjustment bolts to adjust the level of the tank and easy to install.


Powerful refrigeration system, temperature can be automatically adjusted, fermentation temperature can be arbitrarily set. The lowest temperature can be reduced to 0 C.Fermentation area can reserve space, increase the number of fermentation tanks, but also use a larger volume of fermentation, enlarging production capacity is easier.

The top has a 360-degree cleaning ball.
The pressure gauge adopts a new anti-vibration pressure gauge, which is more accurate and durable. The fermenter adopts an
internal pressure manhole, which is more beautiful and convenient to operate.

The inner surface is subjected to integral pickling passivation to form a passivation protective film.
The working pressure is less than 0.2MPA, the pressure is automatically controlled, the mechanical exhaust valve. The middle has a
cooling jacket, the cooling area is 1.7 square meters, the fastest cooling speed is 1.5 degrees per hour, and the temperature can
be set to single tank single control.



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