Hotel Beer Equipment

Using place: hotel
Capacity: 200L -500L
Material: Red copper mainly
Heating way: electric
Fermenters: 4-6 tanks
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Product Details

The hotel beer equipment that we defined as business brewing, usually takes 2BBL-5BBL capacity of the equipment. The lowest investment is 15000USD of above, It generally brew several fixed formula, usually because they sell in the store must ensure the unification of the taste. This type of investment is suitable for people with experience in hotel restaurant, because the investment is not small, and the corresponding risk is greater. It's not easy to start unless you choose to cooperate with us.



The hotel beer equipment include:
1.Two vessel brewhouse (mash tun/ lauter tun; brew kettle/ whirlpool tank )
2. Heat exchanger
3. Yeast adding tank
4. Copper jacketed fermenters
5. Chiller unit
6. Control cabinet
7. Malt crusher
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