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Function: beer brewing machine
Key words: pub brewing equipment
Installation: available
Brewing teaching: Yes
Company: manufacture
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The point you should consider:
1, the consumption of beer
Before choosing a set of beer equipment, we must first make statistics on the consumption of beer in our own shop. The consumption of beer is seasonal. We must have a certain concept on the maximum daily consumption and the monthly consumption so as to ensure continuous liquor consumption during the peak season.

2, site conditions
There are not many cases of site limitations (water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation, magnetic fields, etc.). It is recommended to provide us with site drawings and site environment. If the conditions permit, our staff can first visit the site and provide suitable solutions according to site conditions.

3, estimated investment
Investing in a pub is more than just equipment. It also anticipates the cost of raw materials, water, electricity, personnel and other controls later on. It is best to work with equipment manufacturers to make a cost-benefit analysis and investment plan in advance based on the local prices of equipment and the level of consumption.

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The 3D molding

4, beer types
Depending on the region, tastes and tastes vary from region to region, and pub may not be able to make only one type of beer in order to be competitive. Investors hope that the type of beer they produce will also determine the equipment configuration, especially the fermentation system.

5, day brewing batch
The brewing batch also determines the configuration of the equipment, because the capacity of the saccharification system and the fermentation system can be multiples of the relationship, for example, once a day brewing beer, the ratio of saccharification and fermentation can be 1: 1. Brewing twice a day, fermentation is twice saccharification; Multiples can not exceed three times, according to the ordinary process, saccharification time is generally 8-10 hours, a maximum of three batches of day and night, the general brew 1-2 batches. In order to reduce the risk of initial investment, cost savings, the choice of multiple batches brewing is a good way

6, brewing process
If investors have their own brewing process, be sure to introduce it to suppliers in order to provide a reasonable device configuration based on the brewing process.

7, the beauty of equipment
Commonly used in pub equipment, especially the saccharification equipment, you can choose copper outsourcing or stainless steel outsourcing, there are certain price differences, do not blindly follow, with their own decorating plans and store style, choose your own. To achieve the store decoration, equipment, style and unity, in fact, the device is not part of the store decoration too!


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