Craft 10 Ton Beer Fermentation Tank

Craft 10 Ton Beer Fermentation Tank

Capacity:10 ton Material: stainless steel Suitable for large breweries
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craft 10 ton beer fermentation tank


Size: Φ2200×5300 Gross capacity:12.57t Useful capacity:10t Liner Head:Material stainless steel 304, diameter φ2000mm, height 420mm, thickness 3mm, volume 844L; Inner cylinder: material stainless steel 304, diameter φ2000mm, height 3300mm, thickness 3mm, volume 10362L; Inner cone: material stainless steel 304, taper 75°, height 1303mm, thickness 3mm, volume 1365L.

Agency price, OEM processing

We can also manufacture different tank equipment to provide different types of stainless steel tanks for processing drawings.

Fermentation system: The fermenter uses ice water circulation to cool down, the cooling efficiency is better, the cooling is more stable, the top of the fermenter is equipped with positive and negative pressure safety valves to prevent the formation of negative pressure inside the tank, and the inner surface is subjected to overall pickling passivation to form passivation protection. membrane.



Aseptic sample valve

SUS304 type: straight-through type flow direction:one-way medium temperature:-10-150(℃) model:φ32 connect type:quick installation

Pressure gauge

Shock-proof pressure range:0-0.6mpa type:Ordinary pointer pressure gauge、iron case Working accuracy: 0.01MPa Use environment temperature:-20---90℃ Adopt anti-corrosion type,  Especially suitable for high viscous medium.

Vacuum & pressure relief valve

pressure range:-0.01-0.3mpa Working range: 0-0.6MPa  Working accuracy: 0.01MPa control type:mechanical  Pipe diameter interface DN25

Temperature probe PT 100

type: platinum thermostat voltage:DC24V Induction rate:0.4m/s temperature range:-20℃—150℃ Temperature accuracy up to 0.1℃. Silver jacketed wire, Internal containing platinum.

Spray cleaning ball

SUS304 360 degree spraying cleaning type:rotation type connection type: internal thread Usage: cleaning *size:Ф32

Magnetic valve`

size:DN20  material: brass  Connecting format:internal thread  type:pilot-operated type  flow direction:one-way  work temperature:-10℃---80℃ Working voltage: DC24V.  opening way:Automatic and manual

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