Craft Beer Brewery Plant

Craft Beer Brewery Plant

material: sus304 type:whole brewery system service:turnkey service delivery: 40days warranty:3 years
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Beer brewery plant

Plant description

This set of beer brewery plant, saccharification system is designed with 3 bodies 3 vessels with a capacity

of 15bbl-20bbl . We use steam heating, saccharification heating gradually increase, and it can use multiple

temperature zones for saccharification operation. The equipment is equipped with centralized control of the saccharification pipeline for easy operation; the saccharification manhole is a glass manhole for easy to

observ of the saccharification process; the manhole is made of pressure manhole, which is more durable;

the wort pump uses frequency conversion operation, and the flow rate is easier to control. Scholars are easier to control; the filtering equipment uses a milled sieve plate for clearer filtration and higher beer quality; the equipment

is equipped with a stirring motor, which can reduce the physical labor of the winemaker. The overall design is more

user-friendly, and the overall design is German-style.

The saccharification system


The malt converyor and malt storage bin



IMG_20180119_124144.jpg IMG_20180119_124149.jpg


Wort centrifugal pump

material: stainless steel

capacity: 5 square meter


IMG_20180119_124204.jpg IMG_20180119_124122.jpg

The beer fermenters


Hops pressure adding device Beer outlet

IMG_20180119_125037.jpg IMG_20180119_124842.jpg


water seal air release valve Aseptic sampling valve

IMG_20180119_124813.jpg IMG_20180119_124835.jpg

The controller

The engineer is testing the control system before delivery

IMG_20180119_132516_1.jpg IMG_20180119_132544.jpg

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