Craft Beer Brewing Equipment

Craft Beer Brewing Equipment

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material: sus304
warranty: 3 years
Service: available
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From water to beer, from fermenting to filling and milling to mashing, there full of challenges to running a business craft brewery. Success starts from picking the right equipment and services for your brewhouse and wonderful decoration. Which bottling line is ideal for your brewing business? What type of pipe will feed your glycol requirements? What types of brewhouse is best for you operation? It doesn't matter if you do not clear about this above question, choose us, we will be your professional guide.


ShunLong Machinery ----Craft beer brewing equipment

Triangular stucture


Line structure

The brewhouse structure is depends on your choices. Nomatter the triangular or line type, we can promise the best performance.

The fermentation tanks

--- 60 degree bottom angle

---- 4 legs adjustable supports

---- 2 side pipe welding

---- 80mm layer insulation

----- 3 years warranty

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