2000L beer brewery equipment whole system

Capacity: 2000 liter Material: SUS304 Service: install available Warranty: 3 years Delivery: 40-50 days
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   2000L brewery system 

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---The mixer and raker knife 

--- Spend grain out blade 

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--- Glass manhole and operation platform 

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Specification of 2000L brewhouse system 

---Mash tun with mixer

---Lauter tun with raker knife, the tank under the lauter tun is buffer tank, or temporary storage tank.

--- Boiling tank & whirlpool tank 

--- Hot liquor tank 3000L 

--- 15m2 heat exchanger 

--- Yeast adding tank with flanged top and 4 legs

--- 3 centrifugal pump, (2* 3t/h, 1 * 5t/h)

--- Operation platform SUS304

--- Control cabinet, touchable, Seimens panel 

Brewery system--- beer fermentation tanks

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2000Liters beer fermentation tanks 

-- 60 degree bottom angle

-- 80-100mm heat preservation layer. PU

-- The inner surface treatment: mirror polishing or pickling and passivating

-- Equipped with spot light and hops dry inlet and vaccum pressure valve.

-- CIP arm with pressure gauge and air release valve also the CIP cleaning ball.

-- Four legs with base plate, the height can be adjusted.

The control system

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--- Control cabinet for mashing and fermenting

--- CE certification 

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