3000l Beer Brewery Line

3000l Beer Brewery Line

Capacity: 3000L
Material: SUS304
Function: brewing beer
Warranty: 3 years
Service: installation
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Product Details

3000l beer brewery line--- Turnkey project of beer brewing whole line

The equipment we offered are: 

Unit 1 -- Mashing system 




2000l mashing pot, gradually heating saccharification method, can be applied to several-stage saccharification process to realize automatic saccharification function; 2000l filter tank: equipped with filter buffer tank, washing with sprinkling, improving malt utilization and reducing disability Sugar, also equipped with automatic waste system, easy to operate, save labor costs; boiling pot, double-stage heating, heating speed 1.3 degrees per minute, evaporation 9%; spin-up tank: obvious effect of swirling, less wort impurities, 3.6 m / s; hot water tank, hot water recovery function, reducing beer production costs. The theoretical value is 3 hours per batch, and the actual production can be achieved in 2.5 hours per batch.

Malt Crusher & conveyor 


Capacity: 1000kg/h Power:2.2kw                                          Capacity: 800kg/h   Power: 3kw  Roll mill 

Unit 2 heating system (200KG/H )

锅炉 timg - 副本

          Natural gas --- steam generator                                         Electricity---- steam generator 

Equipped with water soft treatment equipment, this equipment is suitable with the whole system

Unit 3 Beer fermenting system 


2222 - 副本

Brewery fermentation system: 10-16 pieces of 3000L fermenters can be configured in the early stage, and the fermentation space is reserved. In the later stage, 8-10 tons of fermenters can be added to expand the output.

Fermentation system: Material: stainless steel 304, automatic temperature control, automatic control of pressure, temperature and pressure can be adjusted; fermentation jacket cooling, insulation layer 100MM, mechanical exhaust device, positive and negative pressure safety device, top with hops dry mouth (Optional) Can withstand pressure of 0.3MPA, warranty period of 3 years.

Beer bright tanks 


Unit 4 cooling system

IMG_20180904_112943 - 副本

Ice water tank, cold water tank: The cold water tank satisfies the cooling demand of the saccharification system. The ice water tank satisfies the cooling tank demand, and the tank 

volume is matched according to the number of ferment tanks.


Refrigerator: matched with ice water tank, cooling rate reaches 6.1 degrees per hour

Unit 5 CIP system

QQ图片20190218135456 - 副本

CIP cleaning system, two 200L tank cleaning systems can be configured in the early stage to clean the equipment and move clean. Configurable 2- to 4 tanks for equipment cleaning, fixed CIP cleaning system

Unit 6 Control system

Control system: Principal meter control or PLC control.

Control system, divided into saccharification control, fermentation control two control cabinets, the operation is more convenient. high degree of automation.

QQ图片20181211115558 - 副本

Unit 7 Beer filteration equipment  

硅藻土过滤机plate frame filter 1 - 副本

     Candle type diatomite filter                                                    Plate and frame filter 

Unit 8 beer filling washing machine 

IMG_20180621_074514 - 副本

6-6 filling and capping machine-- semi-automatic 


Single head keg filling machine


Single keg washing machine 

3000l beer brewery line we offered can included all the neccessary systems and parts.

The warranty time is 3 years

The production time is 60 days.

The delivery need two 40HQ container 

Goods test is available 

Welcome you come and visit anytime

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