Beer Brewery Plant

Brewery beer equipment selection principle:
1, reasonableness:
2, advanced
3, security
4, economy
5, qualified
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Product Details

According to the beer production process, its main machinery and equipment include malt preparation equipment, raw material processing equipment, gelatinization equipment, saccharification equipment, wort boiling equipment, beer fermentation equipment, beer filtration equipment, filling and packaging equipment.


Beer processing equipment trends:
1, equipment to automation, large-scale development.
2, enterprises from large-scale, extensive expansion to shift to intensive, refined management.
3, focus on improving the quality of beer, energy efficient water.

Our brewery project display


According to your budget, site size, production, etc. to provide you with scientific and rational configuration of the brewing equipment, both to allow you to energy-efficient and efficient to meet the current production, but also for your future expansion of the production scale to leave room. And to provide after-sale maintenance and protection for three years, life-long free advisory services, so you worry-free service.

Main Features
Our product is used the most advance polishing technology--sand polish. The polishing precision to Ra0.4µm. The surface is polished for 3 times

All welding are used argon gas protection welding. It will help to reduce the oxygenation and protect the joint. Our welders has many years experience in welding and they adopt the most popular welding way--T.I.G welding.

Milling sieve plate of lauter tun:
1. Filter plate gap: ≤0.7mm, Filter plate is detachable
2. Filter way: Variable frequency pump suction filtration (pump speed adjustable).

1.Raker: can lift and decline spent grain out automaticly
2.For the mash tank, 0-43turns per minture(adjustable)
3.For the lauter, 0-29 turns per minture(adjustable).


Why choose us
1) Good abrasion resistance material
2) High quality insulation effect
3) Beautiful weld and polish technology
4) Powerful technology supporting
5) World's top brands'electronic components: For example, we use Siemens PLC and touch screen, Schneider button of circuit breaker, Airtac electromagnetic valves and other pneumatic parts, etc.
6) We pass CE PED LVD certification and so on.
7) Good aftersales service: Providing abroad installation and training and providing 3 years warranty.