Mexico Beer Brewery Equipment

Mexico Beer Brewery Equipment

Material: stainless steel 304
Capacity: 300L
Heating: electric heating
Connect: all SS pipeline
Fermenters: 600L
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Product Details

300L Mexico beer brewery equipment

Specification of the 300L brewhouse(Mexico Beer Brewery Equipment)

2 vessels 3 tanks --- Mash tun/ Boiling kettle; Lauter tun; Whirlpool tank

3m2 stainless steel heat exchanger 

5L yeast adding tank 

2* horizontal motor

Rake knife in lauter tun 

Filteration plate 3mm

Electric heating tube in the boiling kettle, power: 20kw 

The manhole is glass material 

Three legs with height adjustable bolt. 

Operation platform with stairs and hand rail.

The 600L Fermentation tanks(Mexico Beer Brewery Equipment)




Specification of 600L fermentation tanks

Total capacity: 750L

Useful capacity: 600L 

Thickness: Inner 3mm; outer 2mm 

Material: sus304

Spary ball at inside of the tank

Glycol water belt covered the inner tank 

Pressure gauge at the CIP arm 

Air release valve at the CIP arm 

Sample valve / beer outlet etc...

The detailed pictures of the whole system

糖化细节展示 - 副本

The heating tube in the boiling kettle 

糖化运行展示-新 - 副本

The raker kinfe in the lauter tun

The glycol connection pipe 

 QQ图片20180628104254 - 副本

QQ图片20180628104259 - 副本

The buyer of this brewery equipment is in Mexico Cancun. If you are interested, 

please contact me. And welcome you take a visit there. 

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