1000L Small Beer Brewery Equipment

Usually capacity: 500L-1500L
Material: SUS304 316L
System control: automatic
Controller: Siemens brand
Filling/washing machine included
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Product Details

The whole set equipment is made of austenitic stainless steel. The cooling jacket adopts dimple jacket. The jackets are provided at tank body and conical bottom to effectively increase the cooling speed. Heat exchanging area of jacket of different proportions can be allocated according to customers'technological requirements. Widly used in small brewery.




The advantages of our beer equipment:
1. Roughness is less than 0.22μm
2. Without any dead corner
3. Discharge with rotation
4. Multi-stage cooling jacket can save more energy
5. Various heating methods (electric heating, gas heating, steam heating)
6. Filter plate (unique design with back taper)
7. Churn (manual, semi-automatic, top stirrer and bottom stirrer)
8. We have sufficient spot goods, conventional criteria beer equipment and we can deliver the goods within 3 days after signing the contract and remittance.
9. Our equipment is mainly used in brewing of beer, stout and rum. Besides, the product made by our equipment is tasty and fragrant.


The brewhouse independent control system


The valves centralized control


Beer equipment routine test


The certifications

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